Laughlin Cargnali

Laughlin Cargnali



– Certificate III and IV in Fitness – Certificate III and IV in Allied Health – Certificate II First Aid and CPR – Certificate II in Outdoor Recreation – Working with Children’s Check


My passion for sport and fitness started from a very young age where I began my journey playing Aussie Rules, I also had the opportunity to try several other sports including Basketball, Baseball and Soccer, but AFL was my real passion. Through these experiences I learnt how to work in a team environment towards a singular goal. I have faced my own hardship with serious knee injuries putting my recreational football career on hold but it helped me see another side, the rehabilitation side. I learnt how rewarding it was to see small improvements and how good the feeling is to get back bigger and stronger than ever before. I currently study Exercise and Sport Science at RMIT University, and enjoy learning about an industry that I love. I strive for my clients to make small steps towards a better life through achieving their goals and education. Success is the end goal and we will achieve it together at Equilibrium.