• Diploma of Fitness: Victoria University • Cert 3 in fitness: Gym Instructing • Cert 4 in fitness: Personal training • Certified Master Trainer: AIF, Melbourne • Strength and Conditioning: Maximum Strength, Absolute power by Jason Schulman • Nutrition course: Natural health, Nutrition, Psychology and Food Choices for a healthier you


Dan took an interest in the fitness industry when he realised how many people so close to him were living a sedentary and unhealthy lifestyle. He then became a Personal Trainer to help people understand that gyms don’t have to be an intimidating place, and training can be fun and enjoyable.
Dan firmly believes in what he describes as ‘complete fitness’, this includes: cardiovascular training in both the anaerobic and aerobic energy systems, strength, power, mobility, stability, flexibility, and muscular endurance to help improve the quality of everyday life. However, regardless of the type of training you are doing, the important thing is that YOU ARE ACTIVE.