Cert 3 & 4 In Fitness Australian Institute Of Fitness
Master Trainer Level 1 Australian Institute Of Fitness
Effective Movement Trainer Personal Training Academy
The 3 Main Compound Lifts Fitness First


Through his own study, passion and working with other fitness professionals Ben has grown his own knowledge & has successfully applied it to himself & his clients. With a combined effort they have achieved the results they wanted.


April – “I was diagnosed with MS when i started training with Ben. In that time i have improvements in: energy, endurance, posture, muscle tone & strength. I am happier & healthier due to Ben’s knowledge, guidance, enthusiasm and support.”
George – “ I’ve really appreciated Ben’s ability to change the routine when I get bored, keep me focussed on my technique, & background knowledge on how/why these exercises are the right ones for me. I know it doesn’t sound like much to anyone else but now I can tie my shoelaces without my back going into spasm.”